About Us

From extra curvy to slim and petite, real women have everything in between!

We at Danae’s Boutique understand that beauty is not one size fits all. That’s why we’ve created an exclusive online shopping outlet made for women of all curves and edges with unique fashion items you can’t find anywhere else!

No one likes showing up to an event wearing the same outfit as anyone else.

At Danae’s boutique, we go the extra mile to find special pieces to avoid those awkward and unintentional “twin” encounters.

We know exactly what it’s like to walk up to a stunning dress, beautiful blouse, or trendy pair of jeans that’s just your style, only to find that they don’t carry your size.

From those cute shorts that don’t go past “large” to the top with the wild, flowy patterned dress that doesn’t come in small—we’ve all been there more than once or twice.

At Danae’s Boutique, we thought it was about time for a solution to that awfully disappointing experience women face everywhere.

Chic Comes in Every Size

To tackle this clear and shameful disparity in women’s fashion, in 2016 Domiana of Danae’s Boutique (eloquently named after her daughter) launched an exclusive online women’s clothing store with a clear, distinct mantra: Fashion is the Goal, Confidence is the Achievement.

Your personality and distinct individual tastes modeled by your unique
outlook on life all play a role in what clothing and accessories speak to you—not your body shape.

Danae’s Boutique provides women with a wide range of ladies’ tops, jumpsuits, dresses and bottoms no matter the silhouette.

Online Shopping Without the Guesswork

Online shopping doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Your satisfaction with our products is our #1 concern which is why in addition to serving you top-quality, fashion-forward material to slay in, we back all of our products with excellent customer service unique to our boutique.

All of our customers are welcome to reach out to us in a number of ways to ensure a great shopping experience that gets you exactly the items you need without a trip to the store!

Danae’s Boutique: Fashion is the Goal, Confidence is the Achievement